Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

Hairstyles to Look Younger - Which Styles Are Best?

It's a commonly held notion that as you get older, you should have shorter hair. The feeling seems to be that long hair makes mature women look older.

That doesn't have to be the case, however. The reality is finding the hairstyle that's going to make you look young is the one that looks best on you. That might not make sense. Let's look at this further.

Many older women can wear long hair and wear it successfully, but just as many can't. Why? Much has to do with the shape of your face as well as how you age. If you have a long face, as you get older, that long face can look longer and even perhaps more gaunt. If you are wearing long hair, that gaunt look can translate into an old look. In that case, your best bet would be to not wear your hair long. For you, it would be old looking.

Another woman, however, might be able to wear long hair better as she matures. This woman might have a round, even plump face. Perhaps she's got good genes and she's taken good care of her skin. She can maybe handle a little more length on her hair. And for some women, the longer hair can make them look younger.

So much depends on your skin, your face shape and how well your skin is aging (and it's important to be honest here).

Let's look at some popular hairstyles that look the best on aging women in general.

The 'bob" is a popular hairstyle for women of a wide array of ages, but it's particularly flattering to the aging population. Bobs can be short, just below the ear, or longer, even down to the shoulders. They can be perky, with many layers thrown in, or they can be simpler, with no layers and a straight styling.

Perhaps what makes the bob good for all ages, then, is its versatility. If you think that your face can still carry off the look of long hair but you don't have the time to style a long hairstyle, you can keep a longer bob. Know that your skin and face just don't tolerate a long hairstyle? Opt for a short bob with a few simple layers. Styling and upkeep are simple and fuss free.

The final consideration when thinking about hairstyles as we age is our hair condition.

Many women have gorgeous hair that looks healthy when they are 20 or 60, but many more of us have hair that ages with us. Perhaps it thins as we get older, or becomes a little more brittle. In that case, trying to pull off a long style just makes little sense. If the hair doesn't look healthy when it's long, then it makes you look old.

So much about our personal style is personal. That is, we are each unique and different and we must be honest with ourselves when we consider which clothes look the best on us, how much weight we need to lose or gain and how well our skin is aging. Finding the right hairstyle is no different. It takes a little experimentation, but it's worth the effort to find the right "young" hairstyle.

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